Some of our clients would like to recommend our services to others, so here are some of their testimonials to enlighten you!


Michael Johnson

New Zealand Bronze Medal Winner, 2012 Paralympic Games



“While training for the London 2012 Paralympics I needed a massage therapist that could make sure that my body was in top shape to ensure I was competing at my best.  Natasha from vivawell.co.nz used massage to keep me performing at my best.  I went on to win my third Paralympic medal.”





Amaka Gessler

New Zealand Olympic Swimming Team 2012


“I usually get a massage half way through the week as it helps me recover quicker therefore I am able to train a lot harder and better for the rest of the week.  This is a major benefit as an elite swimmer needs to be able to train consistently. 


During competition I use it [massage] after my heat swim to ease out any tensions.  Natasha did an amazing job with this at Olympic Trials and I was in perfect condition for the final of my main race.”


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