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Gravity Training System

A full body conditioning.

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Join our fun and innovative Gravity Group Fitness programme that provides full body conditioning using the revolutionary Gravity Training System (GTS) machine. In small groups or individually, your training sessions are instructed and monitored for maximum results in just 45 minutes.

The Gravity system targets a multitude of health and fitness goals, from toning, strength and weight loss, flexibility, balance, power, endurance, joint and muscular rehabilitation and improvement of athletic performance.

Each class is instructed by a registered Physiotherapist or Neuromuscular Therapist trained in GTS and Pilates. They provide individualised programmes to ensure you maximize your fitness goals in the minimum amount of time. Class sizes are limited to just 4 people providing you with a safe and supervised environment to enhance every training session. Private or semi-private classes are also available. Click here for class timetable and prices. Click picture for a video demonstration.

Gravity Pilates Reformat Evolved

Over 45 minutes your instructor uses a blend of traditional Pilates reformer and mat exercises with a revolutionary evolved repertoire that challenges core strength, dynamic stability and coordination.  Gravity Pilates encompasses the methodological foundation of Pilates and biomechanical movement patterns to maximize participant outcomes through accurate instruction and programming.

Gravity Personal Training

Gravity Personal Training provides a series of resistance training exercises for each major muscle on one machine. In 45 minutes your Instrctor will provide a unique and time efficient programme specifically designed to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Gravity Rehabilitation

After injury continued muscular and skeletal rehabilitation is often essential to ensure a full recovery.  Injuries that do not completely recover often become chronic and continue to limit a person’s mobility.  Utilising GTS & Post-rehab training, we can tailor a conditioning and rehabilitation programme to make sure you live life to the fullest.