Sports Massage


Do you want to:


  • Enhance peak performance?
  • Speed up your recovery time?
  • Reduce the risk of injury?


Optimal neuromuscular health is essential for your body to perform at its best.  Our qualified and experienced therapists will tailor-make a preventative or rehabilitative sports massage programme to help you achieve your personal and sporting goals.  We consider your training schedule, previous injuries and medical conditions and can give you tips on nutrition, training and recovery.


VivaWell staff are proud to provide massage therapy to a host of elite sportspeople including New Zealands olympic and paralympic athletes, Vodafone Warriors, Auckland Blues, Breakers, Mystics and visiting international rugby teams helping them succeed on the world stage.  For testimonials click here.



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Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior or new to exercise, VivaWell will ensure you finish ahead of the crowd. 

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